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Playing With the Interface

July 30, 2012 - 9:59 pm 1 Comment

It’s pretty common knowledge that I love to play with the interface in these games. As far back as Everquest when it upgraded to the XML ui, I have almost as much fun playing a game as I do modding it’s interface. My touch in Vanguard still exists as my old DroxyCore still remains popular. I had a portal back for LotRO. And let’s not forget my 200+ folders in my WoW addon folder (and dual-screen setup). Obviously, I love to tinker with the ui.

With The Secret World, most of the modification of the user interface is done with Flash editor. Unfortunately, I don’t have Flash editor (I know, a web designer without Flash, how can it be?!). But that doesn’t mean I can’t load my game up with the other awesome mods that authors are dropping like crazy. There are already names starting to spring up in the forums that are becoming synonymous with the TSW ui; names Catagorical, Viper, and… Dave? Yes, Dave. Read through the cut for details and screenshots on my latest ui changes!