Assault Rifle Decks

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Update: version 2 of these decks and more can be found in the next post – just click here!

The last two days in The Secret World have had several tests of patience and no small amount of frustration. While TSW has been a success at launch, there is a whole lot of fine-tuning, polish, and basic bug fixing that needs to be done. With Ragnar’s ambitious State of the Game plan, Funcom has a full plate – and by plate I mean platter buffet to feed an African country. Honestly, I have my doubts on whether Funcom can deliver; they plan to deliver more content, faster than even Trion does with RIFT. If they pull it off, The Secret World will be a strong competitor for years to come.

Now to the important part of the blog today: Assault Rifle builds. Keeping in mind the Mercenary deck, I followed the build up until I started getting into the harder content in Kingsmouth, realizing the build simply wasn’t meant to solo. Any good solo build requires some amount of healing. So I went off the reservation and started building my own decks, with the consideration that I wanted a viable tanking build to swing with if grouping became a problem. Read through the cut for details on my Assault Rifle damage and support builds.

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Illuminati Diaries: Entry 2

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The official one week mark starting with early access passed just yesterday. I spent a whole lot of time trying to stream Friday; I cleaned up about half the Blue Mountains, finished off the first Illuminati story mission line, and ranked up to 7 in the Illuminati pecking order. I also did a brief achievement hunt, completing a handful of lore and exploration achievements in Kingsmouth and Savage Coast. Not bad for a week’s worth of gaming with around 58 hours played.

The last few days have really been smooth sailing through the story mission; I polished off the Savage Coast (had to finish a few bugged quests), finished the quests from the northern bridge in Kingsmouth that I forgot about, and did a ton of dungeon runs, mostly Inferno. Overall, I’d say the first week of The Secret World went noticeably better than I expected considering I hadn’t put 48 hours of TSW gaming into one week since the second week of closed beta testing. There are a few standout discussion points I encountered along the way, so read through the break for more.

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Illuminati Dairies: Entry 1

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illuminati-diaries entry 1

Launch day has come and gone and The Secret World did not fall into calamity. If I had to make a guess, I’d bet the vast majority of the player base pre-ordered and has been playing since last Friday, making the launch a little anti-climactic. Still, there were no outages, no massive downtimes, no lag-fests – not anything terrible, anyway. Mission bugs notwithstanding, the official launch of TSW as been a success.

Now that I’ve settled in to the game, a TSW-centered chapter of Die by the Arrow will be springing up shortly. To that end, I’ve dubbed these dairies the “Illuminati Diaries.” Today is entry 1. I spent a lot of time on the Savage Coast this weekend. Then I streamed around 11 hours on Monday alone. Yeah, it’s summer time. I ran the Inferno dungeon and wasted a fair amount of time on broken missions. I also started to get a better feel for my Rifle build – making this entry a good length and a good read for rifle-interested parties. Read through the cut for details.

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TSW Diary – Day 2

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The pre-launch early access of TSW fell on a weekend, meaning it had to compete with family time. TSW isn’t The Elder Scrolls or Halo, so it really didn’t stand a chance. As such, I only had a few hours to play TSW the last two days, so I’m going to roll them into a single diary day.

Day 2 only amounted to a few hours, but I managed to pack in QL3 for both Merc and Goon decks, almost entirely clear Kingsmouth quests, and even got a Polaris run in. Considering that I really only played for about 4 hours the entire weekend, it just goes to show how much TSW can offer in a short amount of time. So… details?

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TSW Diary – Day 1

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I’ve gone back and forth on this game, I know. First I loved it, then I said it wasn’t for me, and now I’ve forked over the $50 to buy it. Will it last til the first sub-up? We shall see, but there are a lot of positives leaning me toward yes. But before I put the time into designing a unique page for the game here at Die by the Arrow, I’m going to start a little journal and see how things go.

Where did the change of heart come from? I think it mostly boiled down to the fact that beta progress is beta – you don’t get to keep it. I’ve played in many betas. Way back in the day when there was this MMOG called The Realm – yeah, that’s when I started beta testing. Up until TSW though, I didn’t really care that my progress would be wiped. With this game, progress is everything and to develop your character into the beast you want it to be, it requires a lot of time (and a good number of repeated quests). So losing the progress from beta was a bit of a crushing blow. Now with early access, there’s no looming wipe, so my brain has registered that the game is in fact fun, so why not give it a go. And it begins with day one.

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Die by the Arrow is joining the war on evil…

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It’s been a right good long time since I last posted. Reason number one: my family has moved away from Japan and back into the good old US of A. Feels good to be home. I’ve taken a lot of time to get fat and happy on all these American restaurants I’d been missing for the last 4-plus years. During this time, I haven’t played any MMOGs – in fact, I missed Children’s Week again! The only dang achievements I am missing for the world event meta. But the future is looking up.

Enter The Secret World. Should the beta prove it’s worth, TSW will be the next MMOG Die by the Arrow chronicles. It’s exciting as TSW looks to be taking a whole new approach to how MMOGs are played. Minimal tab targeting, story-driven mission progression (no more “quest hubs”), skill-based player progression, and absolutely no arbitrary levels. This is really the first MMOG I’ve been excited about since Vanguard. You can bet on the fact that once the NDA is lifted, plenty of news and redirects will be found right here at DBTA.

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