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Die by the Arrow is joining the war on evil…

May 10, 2012 - 6:18 am No Comments

tsw teaser

It’s been a right good long time since I last posted. Reason number one: my family has moved away from Japan and back into the good old US of A. Feels good to be home. I’ve taken a lot of time to get fat and happy on all these American restaurants I’d been missing for the last 4-plus years. During this time, I haven’t played any MMOGs – in fact, I missed Children’s Week again! The only dang achievements I am missing for the world event meta. But the future is looking up.

Enter The Secret World. Should the beta prove it’s worth, TSW will be the next MMOG Die by the Arrow chronicles. It’s exciting as TSW looks to be taking a whole new approach to how MMOGs are played. Minimal tab targeting, story-driven mission progression (no more “quest hubs”), skill-based player progression, and absolutely no arbitrary levels. This is really the first MMOG I’ve been excited about since Vanguard. You can bet on the fact that once the NDA is lifted, plenty of news and redirects will be found right here at DBTA.