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I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about my AR Soloist deck; while it’s a fairly simple build from the start, some folks have asked how to build it up from the first ability point. I’m happy to oblige. This deck starts to do its job right out of the gate, making it excellent for newbies just getting started as well as experienced players looking to turn the harder missions easy. In any case, read through the cut for the essential guide to building the AR Soloist deck.

Fresh Off the Training Line

Key: an asterisk (*) indicates an ability you’ll use. The preceding number is the AP cost.

Walking out of your faction’s training area, you’ve already got the points to grab the bread and butter of the AR Soloist deck – Anima Shot and Anima Boost. So get ‘em. Slot 1. You’ll be pressing that a lot. In fact, just go ahead and fill in the entire Support tree. You’ll be using all 6 abilities for awhile.

Goal 1: fill Support tree

1 – Anima Shot*
1 – Anima Boost*
2 – Lock & Load*

Cost 18 AP

3 – Extra Clip*
4 – Fire in the Hole*
7 – Experience*

At this point, you should have all your Talisman as well as Assault Rifle (both specialties) skills at QL1.

Next, is the obvious: fill in the Engage tree. This side of Assault Rifles will amp up your damage a little and in turn increase your healing a touch. Whatever the case, obviously you’ll have to fill it in to get to the outer ring skills.

Goal 2: fill Engage tree

2 – No Contest
3 – Trigger Happy

Cost 16 AP

4 – Eagle Eye*
7 – Slow the Advance*

All talismans should be at QL2. From here on out, you can focus on raising just the damage side of the Assault Rifle skill. At this point your ability loadout has pretty much set itself. You are using Anima Shot as your primary attack, building resources and healing yourself. Use Fire at Will to unload your resources on groups of enemies and Fire in the Hole on single targets. Use Lock & Load to add a little burst damage for back-to-back finishers. Use Slow the Advance for a little extra dps and a handy little snare.

Current Loadout:
Actives: Anima Shot, Slow the Advance, Fire at Will, Lock & Load, Fire in the Hole
Passives: Anima Boost, Leech Therapy, Lick Your Wounds, Eagle Eye, Military Code, Extra Clip, Experience

Filling in the Deck

The next goal is to boost up your healing for the tougher fights. For this we’ll grab a couple more passives and then get an actual heal.

Goal 3: strengthen healing

1 – Lick Your Wounds* (Fists)
9 – Leech Therapy*

Cost 31 AP

9 – Shot of Anima*
12 – Energise

Our fourth goal is to build up some dps because, let’s face it, there’s no point in surviving a fight if you don’t kill your opponent. You should also be getting your Talismans to QL3 at this point.

Goal 4: add some dps

9 – Suppressing Fire*
9 – Three Round Burst* (replaces Fire in the Hole)
9 – Lucky Bullet

Cost 71 AP

12 – Tactical Retreat
16 – Anticoagulant* (replaces Military Code)
16 – Lethality* (replaces Extra Clip)

Grab the Goodies

Now we’ve finally gotten into the goodies. Suppressing Fire adds an area damage resource builder, but be careful because you won’t be receiving any leeching heals while using it. Three Round Burst becomes your single target finisher and Lethality replaces Extra Clip – meaning Lock & Load now only generates three resources. Your loadout has nearly reached the finished product and you should be pressing into QL4 on all Talismans and Assault Rifle. You should also be crushing your enemies and barely taking a scratch, meaning zero downtime and fast mission completions.

Current Loadout:
Actives: Anima Shot, Suppressing Fire, Slow the Advance, Fire at Will, Lock & Load, Three Shot Burst
Passives: Anima Boost, Leech Therapy, Lethality, Lick Your Wounds, Eagle Eye, Anticoagulant, Experience

Now, the AR Soloist deck at this point does just fine, but we’re going to fine tune it a little bit. The next set of abilities will increase damage a fair bit while losing just a tiny bit of passive healing. I break this into two blocks: the first is a quick stroll to grab Salt in the Wound, while the second is a marathon to the end of the Take Point tree.

Goal 5: Cost 46 AP

18 – Primal (Fists) tree
19 – Feral (Fists) tree
9 – Salt in the Wound* (Fists) (replaces Lick Your Wounds)

Goal 6: Cost 160 AP

110 – Fill in Take Point tree
50 – Red Mist* (replaces Slow the Advance)

Actives: Anima Shot, Suppressing Fire, Shot of Anima, Red Mist, Fire at Will, Lock & Load, Three Shot Burst
: Anima Boost, Leech Therapy, Lethality, Eagle Eye, Anticoagulant, Salt in the Wound (Fists), Experience

That’s AR Soloist

And there you have it, the AR Soloist deck from start to finish in the best order to build it. Now you’ve got your rotation worked out you should have no problem beating even the Roman Baths mobs on your own. Yes, this deck may not kill things as fast as other decks, but it is no slouch. You won’t spend the whole minutes of time killing a single mob as many people claim with Anima Shot decks; mobs will die and the will die relatively quickly. All while keeping you above a safe health threshold.

Enjoy the deck and enjoy finishing off those tough Transylvania missions.

18 Responses to “Assault Rifle Decks – AR Soloist”

  1. TCK Says:

    Great article! Just starting out in the game, and following this. I was surprised as it seems like most builds around incorporate two weapons more evenly, but looking forward to see how this plays out, especially if it’s as strong even in the toughest parts of the solo game as you say.

    What do you suggest for gear that works with it? I’ve been trying to take mostly DPS with two or so heal pieces and one tanky piece mixed in. Does that sound right, or would you weight it more heavily in a different direction?



    aalwein Reply:

    Most of the quick healing abilities only build one resource, so using two weapons becomes irrelevant. Since Anima Shot is the primary in this deck, you rarely will have resources for your off weapon. Until you go all dps or all healing (in a group, for example), you won’t need a second weapon.

    For soloing I use all dps gear and one piece of high hp gear (usually the head talisman). No heal gear required. I recently started an alt and jumped to Egypt in QL3 gear at Goal 4 in the guide. Missions are rated “very hard” and I still haven’t even had a nervous moment.


  2. Leperoutcast Says:

    Thanks for this deck it works perfectly. I was having real troubles finding an effective solo build.

    I have two decks based on this, one is single target, which is as above, the other is for kiting/multi targets, for that I use ‘Slow the advance’ and ‘Close quarters'(shotguns). Seems to work well and as gear manager now works it is easy to swap in and out based on what you will engage next.


  3. Rubixx Says:

    i love this solo deck, it help me out a lot, especially for someone new to the game. right now im building youre max dps deck for dungeons. keep up the good work


  4. Gorilla Says:

    Looks great. I just wonder why you don’t take a second weapon finisher early on?


    aalwein Reply:

    This deck never uses a second weapon. Anima Shot is the bread and butter of the deck and only builds resources for the assault rifle; having a second weapon finisher would very rarely be used (only when you happen to use Suppressive Fire). This deck eschews a second weapon in favor of steady healing and dps.

    The alternative is trying to blow the enemy up before it gets to you through burst dps and hinders, however, that technique is not entirely sound in Transylvania with hinder-immune and nightmare mobs.


  5. Gorilla Says:

    Ignore my post ….answered above doh


  6. aer Says:

    Thanks for the build. Had a quick question in regards to skill points. I’m only at 5 assault dmg, 1 healing and 4 in all talismans. Other than working on talismans for better gear, do you put any points into healing? Not really sure what to work towards now.



    aalwein Reply:

    I don’t put more than 1 point into AR-Healing until I have all other weapons/talismans at 10 (one tree each). You’ll never really need the very minor addition AR-Healing provides unless you plan to heal dungeons with AR.

    I work on keeping my talismans and assault rifle (damage) fairly equal (with the weapon getting first dibs at each tier) as I skill up. At about QL5 or 6 I start to fill in my second weapon (Blood) because it’s around this time you have the AP to start filling in the Hip Shooter deck for dungeons.


  7. mrrod Says:

    Awesome build; I’ve been using the generic soldier build up to QL9, hard times all the way with it, just tried your build and it works a charm, cheers for the time you put in for this build.


  8. SAm Says:

    heya new here… my aim is to be a really good ranged dps soloing lol, so i been replaying and rebuild my character 5 times… yes im really bad at distributing points :(… so abt this build… no secondary weapon at all?? what about the stat points? a lot of ppl are telling me to focus on maximize talisman first then weaponry… im confuse @_@


    aalwein Reply:

    With the AR Soloist you don’t use a second weapon at all. It’s not used since you are primarily using Anima Shot to do your business, which only generates points for the assault rifle.

    Don’t invest heavily into a single stat; you should try to keep your stat points relatively balanced. In the early stages I tend to allocate my stat points by the gear I pick up, but it really doesn’t matter too much. Your weapon and head talismans will provide you with the best return (more damage and more health), but as long as you don’t let any of them fall too far behind the content you are currently on you’ll be fine.

    And as far as AR points – you’ll want to max out “damage” before “healing.”


  9. SAm Says:

    oh and one more thing about distributing SP point… when u mean by putting points in the AR, do u mean both? as in DAMAGE and Support??


  10. Fauxpas Says:

    Been using this build to great effect but wanted to ask a question regarding Leech Therapy, now I’ve probably misunderstood it but its for healing friendly targets around me. But this is a soloist build, so I took it out and slotted Extra Clip in to make Three Round Burst bigger after using so upping the dps rate a bit.
    At no point did I notice a drop in healing to myself so unless I’ve missed the point of it, and that wouldnt be at all unusual for me, why is it there?


    aalwein Reply:

    Leech Therapy will effect you when soloing – at least it did when this deck was built.


  11. Joga Says:

    This build is fantastic. I am new to the game and was struggling trying to use my AR/Shotgun setup I had from the Commando deck. This deck has made Savage Coast much less savage, great work!

    My question is this: Do you have any recommendations on group healing decks for AR? Is that something you have, or planned to explore? That aspect of the AR set intrigues me and I look forward to trying it later in my progression.


    aalwein Reply:

    I’m glad my deck could help you out! I never got into healing, but I do know that many people are out there with Blood/AR healing decks.


  12. Sexti Says:

    Hey, nice build :)
    I just wonder what stats in talisman u use ? If u can light me about that should be nice :)
    Tnx !


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