TSW Diary – Day 2

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The pre-launch early access of TSW fell on a weekend, meaning it had to compete with family time. TSW isn’t The Elder Scrolls or Halo, so it really didn’t stand a chance. As such, I only had a few hours to play TSW the last two days, so I’m going to roll them into a single diary day.

Day 2 only amounted to a few hours, but I managed to pack in QL3 for both Merc and Goon decks, almost entirely clear Kingsmouth quests, and even got a Polaris run in. Considering that I really only played for about 4 hours the entire weekend, it just goes to show how much TSW can offer in a short amount of time. So… details?

The Secret World Diary – Day 2

This weekend I spent time with the Merc deck – assault rifle ranged dps. This is where I spent the majority of my beta time, so nothing about the deck surprised me. It is a bit fragile of a build, like any dps would expect but with Anima Shot and a couple of defensive passives from my Goon deck, it was survivable enough to take on multiple enemies at a time. The Goon passives also increased my dps which made it a fair trade to going with raw dps passives from the Merc deck. Overall, my Merc build is turning into a soloing beast.

Kingsmouth last few mission areas, namely the skate park, Edgar’s scrapyard, and the airport all offered great content. I particularly like the airport missions (except for that last switch in the green-mucked water… seriously mean). Interestingly, it was near this area where my first “breaking bug” occurred. Men in Black Vans was bugged for me, as it has been for most everyone. The 4th tier was broken, making the mission unsolvable. This bug was addressed in the patch today, however.

Polaris was incredible fun. Unlike dungeons from most current MMOGs, the Polaris instance literally only took about 30 minutes and that was with a 5 minute wait for a disconnected healer. There isn’t a lot of trash – it’s pretty much kill boss, kill a pack or two of trash, kill next boss, repeat. It makes dungeons faster, much more enjoyable, and more rewarding – less an event you have to plan around and more a fun distraction from the mission grind. It’s a great design for dungeons. Next time you see “LFM for Polaris,” don’t feel like you will have to set aside an hour of your day to do it – jump in and have some fun.

So tallies for day 2:

Day two totals: 44 AP / 42 SP / QL 3
Day three goals: Onward to the Savage Coast, QL4

Day 2 Impressions

The MIBB mission bug brings up a good point: there is so much QQing in chat about broken and bugged quests, but this was the only one that I encountered. That’s not to say everyone else is lying, but honestly, I think people need to take a look at things more carefully because the real bug is probably operator error in most cases. Something Wicked and The Raven are two quests popular to moan about and I can see how they would easily be confused for bugged when they just need to read the mission data. I say again: this isn’t WoW folks – Google and your noggin’ are your two most powerful weapons in this game. Forget about your Naga and G15 macros – you can’t buy the tools you need to win this game.

The Secret World has thus far been a highly polished, smooth launch game. After the overwhelmingly smooth launches of the past few MMOGs, this has become an expected standard. Gamers just won’t tolerate bad launches anymore, and TSW made sure this “pre-launch” was smooth as silk. Aside from a few bugs and the cash shop issues, the game has seen zero hitches, at least from my end. The game is stable, runs smoothly at high graphics settings, and hasn’t seen many – if any – connection issues. Overall, the pre-launch has been a complete success from both a population and technical perspective. If the success continues after the official launch, Funcom might finally have a true winner on their hands.

More Incoming

Keep watching and reading folks. I’ll be streaming a lot this week – with the exception of Tuesday, you know, The Amazing Spiderman and all. I know the stream video quality isn’t great, but I hope you still enjoy the watching. I try to keep it interesting, but if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see drop me a message. For now, it’s just grind, grind, grind.

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