TSW Diary – Day 1

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I’ve gone back and forth on this game, I know. First I loved it, then I said it wasn’t for me, and now I’ve forked over the $50 to buy it. Will it last til the first sub-up? We shall see, but there are a lot of positives leaning me toward yes. But before I put the time into designing a unique page for the game here at Die by the Arrow, I’m going to start a little journal and see how things go.

Where did the change of heart come from? I think it mostly boiled down to the fact that beta progress is beta – you don’t get to keep it. I’ve played in many betas. Way back in the day when there was this MMOG called The Realm – yeah, that’s when I started beta testing. Up until TSW though, I didn’t really care that my progress would be wiped. With this game, progress is everything and to develop your character into the beast you want it to be, it requires a lot of time (and a good number of repeated quests). So losing the progress from beta was a bit of a crushing blow. Now with early access, there’s no looming wipe, so my brain has registered that the game is in fact fun, so why not give it a go. And it begins with day one.

The Secret World Diary – Day 1

First thing I did was head to each of the starter cities to collect the hidden lore. This spots you with a good number of AP/SP to start your character off with, and gives you a nice tour of the world. Have fun in Seoul – some of those rooftop marks are hard to hit. I managed to grab the achievements for the lore of each faction as well as exploring all of New York, Seoul, and London before I even stepped foot in Kingsmouth.

After that I took my jaunt into Kingsmouth. In just a single day I managed to clear out about 2/3 of the quests in Kingsmouth and collected a ton of AP/SP. I bumped up to full quality level 2 talismans, filled in the first tier of a solid tank build (courtesy the Goon deck) and started into the first tier of the Mercenary deck, the assault rifle ranged build. I had a little trouble with the quests out in the bay, but it really just came down to having to kill so many extra enemies because I kept getting jumped by new spawns.

Through it all, I had a blast. It was fun playing something new again (even though I played it several times over in closed beta). RIFT‘s 1.9 patch was a bit lacking (that hedge maze in Sanctum is absolutely the worst thing Trion has ever created) so I was longing for something to grab my attention. TSW has done that, at least for now. Fair warning: my MMOG ADD might kick in at any time.

Day one totals: 24 AP / 17 SP / QL 2
Day two goals: clear the quests in the northern half of Kingsmouth and get in some Polaris time.

Day 1 Impressions

So day one came and went. I played a lot. A lot. My overall impression of day one: quit your bitching and learn how to read people! General and help chats were absolutely flooded with moaning about the cash shop being slow/down. Seriously people, play the game first, worry about the happy bunny slippers later. And the number one thing asked in chat? “How do I get my pre-order items?” Apparently it’s too much to ask people to read the patcher info – ’cause it was spelled out in plain english how to do so.

More importantly, the days of exploration and discovery are apparently dead. The Secret World is all about the challenge of exploring the area, solving puzzles and riddles, and discovering the mysteries of the story. Unfortunately, global chats are flooded with people asking for the answers instead of trying to find it on their own. It’s sad really. Of course, those people will all quit the game before the first month is up considering the entire game is all about those puzzles and mysteries. This isn’t World of Warcraft guys – it’s a thinking-man’s game. If you can’t think (or can’t use the in-game browser to search Google), you really ought to skip TSW and wait for Guild Wars 2. Your wallet will thank you.

My number one pet peeve with the game is the same as it was with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Lack of interface customization. Some of the windows in this game are just ridiculously small (I’m looking at you, character window). The close “X” buttons are so tiny it usually takes me 3-5 clicks before I finally hit the link. After the fiasco SWTOR went through with the UI problems, it surprises me that Funcom failed to include at least scaling and moving of UI elements. Hopefully this will be addressed rather quickly in a patch. While I would emphatically welcome mods and addons, I’ll be happy to live with just scaling and moving.

Finally, Live Streaming

Everyone else is doing it these days, it’s time for Die by the Arrow to get some face time. Yesterday’s day one of TSW was filmed in not-so-high-definition all day long, for the most part. I finally got Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder to stream a semi-decent quality video to Twitch.tv. My Internet upload speed isn’t quite good enough to get the high-quality streams most gamers are used to, but it’s good enough to see what’s going on and read the text. Hopefully after my next move I will be able to lock down a better ISP. Until then, enjoy Die by the Arrow at Twitch.tv as often as I am able to stream. Watch the Twitter for streaming updates.

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