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It’s pretty common knowledge that I love to play with the interface in these games. As far back as Everquest when it upgraded to the XML ui, I have almost as much fun playing a game as I do modding it’s interface. My touch in Vanguard still exists as my old DroxyCore still remains popular. I had a portal back for LotRO. And let’s not forget my 200+ folders in my WoW addon folder (and dual-screen setup). Obviously, I love to tinker with the ui.

With The Secret World, most of the modification of the user interface is done with Flash editor. Unfortunately, I don’t have Flash editor (I know, a web designer without Flash, how can it be?!). But that doesn’t mean I can’t load my game up with the other awesome mods that authors are dropping like crazy. There are already names starting to spring up in the forums that are becoming synonymous with the TSW ui; names Catagorical, Viper, and… Dave? Yes, Dave. Read through the cut for details and screenshots on my latest ui changes!

Finding the Right Mods

For now, there are a relatively limited number of useable and useful mods to be had for TSW. Like every other MMOG, you’ve got MMOUI and Curse as the primary sources of ui mods. I’ve always preferred the MMOUI network to Curse (long time Allakhazam user) but this entirely personal preference – both sites offer the same or nearly the same mods. For a one-stop shop, you can visit the Funcom official forums for the user interface, but you’ll have to sift through the mess to find the gems.

In any case, find your preferred source and bookmark/favorite the mods you like best to keep track of updates, which are occurring rather frequently for most mods at this stage of the game.

Aalwein’s User Interface

With the limited mods available, this ui is nothing as spectacular as my WoW, Vanguard or even RIFT ui. It is still a pretty significant improvement to the stock interface. Using several different mods, I was able to get all the important combat queues up in my face – a HUD, if you will. With this setup I spend much more time looking at mechanics and enemies rather than on the bottom of my screen looking at timers and weapon resources.

Custom UI by Dave

Download my Custom UI script.

The bread and butter to my setup, Dave’s new Custom UI mod allows you to move every element between your target window, player window, and ability bar. My script moves the player and target window up a little for a better view of health and buffs. The ability bar is also bumped up slightly, but the more dramatic change is how slots 4 and 6 were moved up near the center of my field of view. These slots are my Red Mist and Lock & Load abilities, both abilities I need to keep a check on cooldown. Finally, I also use Custom UI to move the cast bars to center screen, offset to the left and right. Custom UI is not very user-friendly to customize at the moment, but Dave has a new setup window in the works.

Mercinova’s CastBars v1.0.0 by Mercinova

This mod changes the look and behavior of the cast bars and the dodge bar. Preference thing here. It adds a little flavor to the interface.

Topbar Information Overload by Viper

Evolving as the Titan Bar of TSW, Topbar Info Overload adds information you need into the black bar on the top of the screen. It has in-game options (found in the main menu) and can add lots of information already. Show your Pax, FPS, latency, system clock, and more.

Deck Manager by Viper

Already a sworn by mod, Deck Manager is going to be a staple in everyone’s ui eventually, especially as long as the deck manager provided by Funcom remains a heap of poop. Deck Manager emphasizes the build over the gear – it does not swap your gear. Instead it allows you to make an unlimited number of ability decks. I find this addon invaluable as I’m testing builds and swapping setups between dungeons and even dungeon bosses. The deck manager is accessed by clicking the icon to the left of the compass.

Damage Meter by Falira

There are several damage meters available, but, for me, this one is the only one that doesn’t cause severe video lag in groups. This addon only tracks your own damage and heals per second and takes up a considerable amount of screen space to show it, but if you’ve got the space and the need, it’s a great, little meter. I use this meter for comparison testing builds and to ensure my rotation is staying steady in dungeons.

Catagorical’s Character Sheet by Catagorical

Catagorical added some additional information to the stats on the character sheet, something about evade chance percentages blah blah… I don’t care. The real reason why this mod is awesome is the fact that it kills that stupid “resizing character window” Funcom thinks is so shiny. It’s not. It sucks. Catagorical fixes it so you can read your character window whether you are zoomed in to first person or have the camera jacked all the way out (which by the way, Funcom needs to extend). Thank you, Cat!

Wrapping Up

There you have my list of user interface modifications. Surprised it’s so short? Well, let’s be honest, it’s only that short for lack of more options! Bring on the mods, community, and you an be certain I’ll showcase them here! I love ui mods even more than I love to lore hunt… and I really love to lore hunt.

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  1. chip Says:

    how do you do to put inventory items on those bars??? i tried to drag items to de ability bar but wont work


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