Assault Rifle Decks V2

July 15, 2012 - 8:58 pm 2 Comments


Today I spent some time with the Combat Holograms in the Illuminati HQ, New York. It felt good to be back to the old business of smashing abilities against a dummy and tracking the data on ACT. Wanna do it yourself? Check out this thread. Needless to say, after few hours of killing (yes, actually killing the dummies), I’ve got a much better grasp on assault rifle abilities. And the payoff is this post.

A quick summary: Safety Off is in fact better damage per second than both Anima Shot and Hip Shooter. However, Hip Shooter is a mere 25 or so dps short of Safety Off, while Anima Shot lags just 10 dps less further. The tradeoffs around using each ability for the primary point builder is fairly obvious, with each making a compelling reason for use. Read through the cut for the details on these point builders and an all new deck for raw dps.

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2 Responses to “Assault Rifle Decks V2”

  1. Odoxia Says:

    Great update, thank you so very much! I am glad to see your combat stats as well, that helps. I really appreciate your work.

    What are your thoughts on assault rifle and blood? I combined them based on the suggested deck for necromancer, but so far I am not impressed. Perhaps I just need better stats.


    aalwein Reply:

    I actually like Blood; I have been entirely focused on Assault Rifles of course but for my Hip Shooter and Full Auto decks I am going to be putting Bloodshot in instead of Anima Vessel. It will at least give you something to bleed off the additional resources points you are building up that are otherwise just going to waste with the single weapon decks.

    It’s not your stats; keep in mind the second weapon is really just a supplement – an extra shot or two (depending on how you manage the deck) that is simply consuming those extra resources.


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